The Renewal Circle

Across the US - and in other countries - clergy, environmental activists, congregations, denominational networks, government and civic organizations, corporations, scholars, teachers and theologians have begun using RENEWAL to advance their work. They are finding a wide range of effective and innovative ways to:

  • Engage people of faith in organized and individual environmental action
  • Foster interfaith dialogue about environmental stewardship
  • Raise awareness of the religious-environmental movement
  • Break down barriers between secular environmentalists and people of faith

The RENEWAL Circle was a one-time membership that RENEWAL’s producers offered to diverse groups who wanted to test the RENEWAL DVD in its earliest days of release.  In exchange for receiving a free RENEWAL DVD, members were asked to report back their experiences about using it. The testing phase has finished and the RENEWAL Circle has now expired.

While you can no longer join the Renewal Circle, you can still take advantage of its rich pool of information by checking out the many exciting field reports and innovative materials that members have posted below:

RENEWAL Circle - Reports from the Field

Faith in Place’s Discussion Guide for RENEWAL users

Illinois’ Faith in Place, featured in Renewal’s Food for Faith story, has produced an excellent Discussion Guide for two of Renewal’s stories

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RENEWAL Fosters Hope and Community among California Parolees

Therapist with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation connects gardening and recycling by parolees to issues of global warming and environmental stewardship as these men and women build new lives with links to a greater community.  

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Church on the Green

RENEWAL used to reinvigorate church's dormant enviromental task force. 

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Jonathan Merritt and the Southern Baptist Convention

The SBC hears from a concerned member about the urgency of climate change and the need to adopt sustainable practices. 

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Matthew Sleeth Takes RENEWAL on Tour

Commited environmental steward who appears in RENEWAL has become a visiting scholar in creation care. 

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Pendle Hill Quaker Center Finds Many Uses for RENEWAL

Center promotes multi-faith study, environmental activism, and community outreach. 

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Lexington (KY) Sustainability Program

Sustainablity project finds that RENEWAL helps broaden its based in the community. 

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Mass Appeal: the Conference of the United Church of Christ

All the UCC churches in Massachusetts will soon be receiving copies of RENEWAL along with a message from the president of the state conference of the UCC about the importance of engaging in environmental action. 

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Constructing a New Church with an Environmental Identity

Christ Church in Rockwall, TX is inspired by RENEWAL to make environmental stewardship central to their identity and new building. 

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The "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass" (DUMBO) neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY is using RENEWAL in its "Smart Environmental Efforts in DUMBO" (SEED) campaign. 

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Duke University, Interfaith Dialogue

In the classroom and as part of the Interfaith Dialogue Project RENEWAL is having an impact on campus. 

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D.C. Green Muslims

Use of RENEWAL by D.C. area Muslims will lead to the production of a Muslim discussion guide for the documentary. 

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WAL*MART Trainees

Wal*Mart's Personal Sustainability Program incorporates a segment of RENEWAL into its employee training. 

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Sierra Club, Grassroots Film Festivals

Local film festivals focus on "Coal Energy" and "Solutions" as the Sierra Club works to build bridges to a wider constituency. 

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Spirit of the Earth at Dominican University

Inspired by RENEWAL students survey religious-environmental practices in their California community and work in encourage greater involvement.  

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Park Road Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

Members of Park Road Baptist Church created a four-week Sunday school series around RENEWAL. 

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Christian Ecology Link, United Kingdom

Multi-denominational organization in the United Kingdom finds inspiration in RENEWAL and the good news of what U.S. groups are doing. 

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TAQWA Eco-Food

The TAQWA project, which was featured in RENEWAL, now uses the documentary to build and strengthen its work. 

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Faiths United for Sustainable Energy (F.U.S.E.)

A new on-line source of environmental information for clergy of all religions. 

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Earthkeeping Ministry, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Long-time activist minister uses RENEWAL in many phases of her work in the Michigan area and beyond. 

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Ohio Northern University

The Teva segment of RENEWAL is being used to reduce food waste on campus. 

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