Faiths United for Sustainable Energy (F.U.S.E.)

Joe Naroditsky and Jesse Glickstein, executive directors of Faiths United for Sustainable Energy (F.U.S.E.) are working to create an online source of environmental information for clergy of all faiths.  FUSE's mission is to educate and mobilize faith communities to act on the increasingly harmful effects of our country's dependence on fossil fuels.  Not only do they want to provide educational resources for clergy to share with their congregations about environmental crises, they also want to provide resources that clergy and laity can implement in response to these crises.  To that end, they see RENEWAL as a valuable tool for their work. 

Partnering with the RENEWAL Project, they will make a portion of the film (the IPL segment) available as streaming video on their website,

Not only will this serve as another resource for visitors to their website, it will also drive those visitors to the RENEWAL Project websites. Joe and Jesse also hope to strengthen their contacts with IPL chapters around the country.

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