Christian Ecology Link, United Kingdom

RENEWAL has found an international audience.  Laura Deacon of the Christian Ecology Link in Lancaster, UK, signed on as a RENEWAL Circle member. 

The Christian Ecology Link is a multi-denominational UK Christian organization for people concerned about the environment.  Laura reports being "very moved and inspired" by the film.  She adds, "It is a brilliant work, and puts a totally different slant on the work being done in the US, as all we hear in the UK is the bad news." 

She plans to initially screen the film at the Chaplaincy Centre at Lancaster University to a number of faith groups that regularly meet there.  The Christian chaplains there are keen on bringing people together for interfaith events, to which RENEWAL most appropriately speaks.  Laura then plans to loan out the DVD to the formal Christian Ecology Link groups in the UK so that they can schedule a showing of the film with their own programs of events and speakers.

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