Ohio Northern University

Reverend Vernon LaSala, University Chaplain of Ohio Northern University (affiliated with the United Methodist Church), has a creative approach for using RENEWAL on college campuses.  He is partnering with Ohio Northern's Sodexho Food Service and the Ohio Northern Environmentalists (O.N.E.) to help reduce food waste on campus. 

On Monday, April 7th, Vernon will screen RENEWAL, with a specific focus on the TEVA segment, at the cafeteria where students return trays and throw away trash and uneaten food.  This is the first day of their annual Unite for Awareness week, and this day-long screening will be followed by a Hunger Banquet, part of Oxfam's Fast for a World Harvest campaign to fight world hunger.  Furthermore, the film will be shown throughout the week to encourage student involvement and response.

For more information on Hunger Banquets, visit https://www.oxfamamerica.org/whatyoucando/act_now/fast/skip-meal

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