Action Steps

Form a Green Team in your congregation or community

Plan a worship service out-of-doors

Celebrate a religious holiday from your faith tradition in a new way that reflects a commitment to stewardship of the environment

Conduct a waste audit at your house of worship

Have an energy audit conducted of your congregation’s building

Design and teach an environmental unit for your Sunday school or youth education program that reflects the values and teachings of your faith tradition

Become active concerning an eco-justice issue in your community

Get involved in a local interfaith action such as a river clean-up, wildlife survey, water and air-quality monitoring, or community recycling project

Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz to discover your own personal environmental impact on the planet. And find tips there about things you can do to reduce your footprint.

Screening Guide Activities
In the RENEWAL Screening Guide you will also find more suggestions for  activities that are specifically linked to each one of Renewal’s eight stories.

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