Lexington (KY) Sustainability Program

Jim Embry is a community activist working towards sustainable communities through the Sustainable Communities Network (SCN).  SCN is dedicated to contributing to the development of the theory and practice of sustainable living. SCN seeks to provide the ideas, programs and tools that inspire community members to bring about systemic changes in all of our institutions that are necessary to create sustainable cities. 

On March 1, SCN in Lexington, KY hosted a seminar called "Creation Care and Faith Communities:  An Interfaith Community Dialogue" in conjunction with their Green Schools Summit.  Over 50 people, representing more than 25 congregations, attended.  The event featured Nancy Sleeth as the keynote speaker and included segments of RENEWAL.  After the talk and screening, attendees took a tour of a local congregation to view ways in which it is undertaking sustainable practices.

Jim and his colleagues are among the many growing examples of engaged audiences for RENEWAL.  Not only did they use the documentary to enhance their conference, they will be providing the RENEWAL Project with user-generated content that originated at the conference.  Taking inspiration from the film, the conference organizers filmed their tour of the local church and will be sharing the video through the RENEWAL Project websites.  We hope that this creative feedback inspires other congregations to not only undertake more sustainable practices, but to share them with us via new media as well.

Jim, along with Shane Isaac and Hendrika Pauley, is planning on creating a "road show" to continue their efforts to reach out to the faith community around issues of sustainability and social justice.  Not only will RENEWAL play a role in this road show, it is also giving Jim a sense of support at the local level from a much broader spectrum of his community.

For more information, visit https://sustainlex.org/

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