Screen or Teach with RENEWAL

RENEWAL is designed for use by clergy, congregations, teachers, theologians, community activists, environmentalists, students and families: anyone who understands the essential spiritual bond that humans hold with the earth. And everyone who is committed to building a sustainable future.

Flexible Ways to Use RENEWAL

The 90-minute documentary is designed for theatrical and community screenings, and for broadcast, yet each of Renewal’s eight stories also stands on its own. From the DVD Main Menu you can choose to play the entire 90-minute documentary, or you can select any individual story.  The individual stories are slightly longer than the versions in the full documentary and contain additional scenes and information.

By choosing the individual stories that are most relevant for your audience, you can create a customized screening program.

In the RENEWAL Screening Guide, you will find many other helpful ideas for putting together successful screenings. Also, check out our Tips for Screenings

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