D.C. Green Muslims

Mohamad Chakaki is a member of Green Muslims in Washington, D.C., and a professional environmental consultant.  Mohamad participated in the panel on reflections about and discussion of RENEWAL at the Forum on Religion and Ecology Conference "Renewing Hope" at Yale University, February 2008.  Mohamad said that the film resonated with his Muslim faith and that his ability to seamlessly weave Qur'anic verses into his discussion of each segment of the film spoke not only to his deep faith but to the universal message of the film as well. 

After the panel discussion, Mohamad lead a breakout session on Muslim environmentalism which was well attended and highly informative.

Mohamad will be using RENEWAL in his work with the Green Muslims beginning in early April throughout the greater Washington, D.C. area.  In return, as a Circle member, he will be creating a Muslim study guide for the film which can be used by Muslim groups and will also help inspire deeper multi-faith and interfaith reflection on environmental issues.

The guide will include relevant texts from the Qur'an for each segment, discussion questions, and other reflections from a Muslim perspective.  As soon as it is completed, it will be available for download from our RENEWAL Project websites.

For more information, visit https://dcgreenmuslims.blogspot.com/

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