Sierra Club, Grassroots Film Festivals

Lyndsay Moseley is in charge of partnering with "non-traditional" organizations like faith communities, hunting and fishing organizations, labor unions, etc. to broaden the Sierra Club's base of environmental activism.  In her capacity as director of Faith Partnerships for the Sierra Club, Lyndsay works to find common ground with faith communities and move forward with "best next steps."  While not always making for easily definable goals, these campaigns create open partnerships that have generated important dialogue and discussion.  The Sierra Club sees building these bridges as crucial to their continuing effectiveness. Lyndsay believes RENEWAL will be a valuable and useful tool in this partnership work. 

The Sierra Club sponsors quarterly film festivals organized around a particular theme.  Rather than a centralized event, these are grassroots film festivals that can be replicated across the Club's wide and diverse network.  The Sierra Club provides a model and suggestions for film screenings, and the local organizers give them shape. 

The upcoming themes for the third and fourth quarters are "Coal Energy" and "Solutions" respectively.  RENEWAL's mountaintop removal and IPL segments will correspond perfectly to these themes and the documentary will be included on the resource list that the Sierra Club makes available to its network.

In the near future, we hope to make available materials for using RENEWAL in these grassroots film festivals.

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