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Auburn Media brings the best media on religion and ethics to faith communities for education, inspiration, and community organizing.

Auburn Media harnesses the power of great documentary films for the work of education and organizing in faith communities. Social media makers and organizers today agree: media is an unrivalled tool for positive change. And activated grassroots audiences — the galvanized viewers who joined the cause of An Inconvenient Truth are a famous example — are a power source from which real change flows. Auburn Media brings great documentaries to these audiences, provides multimedia educational resources to supplement them (Web-based sermon and pastoral care resources, discussion guides, take-action toolkits), all to help faith leaders and communities learn, work together, and endeavor to repair the world in creative ways.

Multifaith Media offers faith communities and leaders great films on issues that matter to them; multimedia resources to support education, involvement, and action; and professional development and conferences inspired by these films. In turn, media makers gain access to engaged faith community audiences; and enjoy a continued life and relevance for their films before, during, and after theatrical runs, festival seasons, and broadcasts are completed. Recent Auburn Media outreach campaigns include: Hard Road Home, For the Bible Tells Me So, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, and Renewal.

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To get in touch with Macky Alston, Director of Auburn Media you may email him at wma@auburnsem.org.

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