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“Film Uplifts Sacredness of Creation”

       by Brad A. Martell,  Peace and Justice Ministries


In 2008, I saw the premier of the doc­umentary, Renewal: Stories from Amer­ica’s Religious-Environmental Movement, and I excitedly waited for the DVD to be released.


The film quickly filled my mind with ideas for use in my ministry. For me, it’s an invaluable resource, and I hope it will be for you and your con­gregation, too.


Renewal is a 90-minute film of eight inspiring stories. They show how faith communities are addressing today’s environmental challenges. Read Full Article


One story tells how Christians are seeking to prevent mountaintop re­moval in Appalachia. Another shares how Muslims are building relation­ ships between urban communities and sustainable farms during Ramadan. A third is about a Jewish learning center that teaches kids about environmen­talism and their Jewish tradition.


In addition, beautiful scenic nature meditations separate each story. The film was made to:


    • Engage people of faith in organized and individual environmental action.


    • Foster interfaith dialogue about environmental stewardship.


    • Break down barriers between secu­lar environmentalists and people of faith.


I have used the film for youth re­treats and camps, the Peace and Jus­tice Ministries course at Community of Christ Seminary, and Peace Colloquy workshops.


I recommend it for adult and youth church-school classes and congregational and mission center gatherings.


It is full of practical ideas for con­gregations to cultivate ecumenical and interfaith relationships in their communities and live out the Endur­ing Principle of sacredness of creation.




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