The RENEWAL Documentary

Across the nation, people of faith are standing up for the environment. Evangelical Christians are fighting mountaintop removal, a coal mining process that is decimating Appalachia. Muslims are supporting sustainable farming.



Jews are helping children experience the bond between nature and spirituality. Interfaith Power and Light is mobilizing people of all faiths in a religious response to global warming.

For the first time, the combined energy of these diverse activists is the driving force behind a feature-length documentary, entitled RENEWAL. Veteran film producers Marty Ostrow and Terry Kay Rockefeller have crisscrossed the country to capture these exciting stories of people whose passion and deep moral commitment are making a difference in a time of grave ecological threats.


The RENEWAL Project and the Religious-Environmental Movement

The RENEWAL Project has been designed to make the documentary and its   inspiring stories available to people and organizations who want to be a part of this growing movement to protect life on our planet and reverse the damage that humans have done to the environment.

On this website, you can learn about how RENEWAL is being used by   communities across America to help build the religious-environmental   movement. It is also a place for you to connect with others who are   doing this important work and for you to share stories about your own   experience.

Please take a few minutes to explore how you can get involved today!

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